Fold your own Equator Paper Plane!
Fly to the other side of the equator!
Equator paper planes will take you to the other side of the equator! Watch the movies, make one of our cool designs and throw them as far as you can! Make a video of it and send it to us! You can make it a fun activity with your class when you have a spare five minutes, or link it to a lesson to get your students excited about science and physics! Which kite flies the furthest? We are very curious!

The Stealth Dart
Cool, fast and floats far!

The Tube
You never folded this one!

World Record Plane
This one floats the furthest!
EQUATOR workshops on the SDGs
Register your class for a workshop on the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations: 17 goals to make the world a better place. During our workshop you will learn everything about it! We will visit you with our mobile studio and we will brainstorm and make videos together with your students. Register via the form and we will contact you soon! Be sure to take a look around our platform!