EQUATOR wants to strengthen the voice of children worldwide and - across borders - bring them directly into the classroom. After all, many teachers do not really know what is happening on the other side of the globe.

EQUATOR therefore creates school links between North and South and gives children on both sides of the equator a broad view of the world. Children from primary school share videos with each other via a secure platform under the supervision of a teacher. In this way they together create learning opportunities across the equator.

We bring the North and South closer together, build bridges between cultures and thus stimulate respect, tolerance and global citizenship. We raise awareness among children - and therefore also their parents - about different life situations of school children in the rest of the world. Through active exchange of learning opportunities, we encourage committed and equal relationships.

Our project calls on schools and NGOs around the world to cooperate and receives support from colleges, universities and other professional partners. Our team of ambassadors travels around the world looking for stories that we share with our network.